РУССКИЙ                                           ITALIANO



Itís settles down on territories of the most beautiful beaches, which duration is about 30 km. With inhabitants about 42.000 person. A wonderful climate, an ideal place who loves the sea. In 8 km from the coast mountains are pulled. You can visit the Vorontsovís Palace; the ancient residence of Michael Vorontsov constructed by English architect Edvordom Blorom-one of the fathers of romanticism in architecture. Construction has been started in 1832. The building has 150 rooms; there were required 18 years for its erection, in Tudor style, the so-called castle of the Middle Ages. Today it is a museum. The central place for tourists in Alushta is a National park, width of 70.000 acres of the land, where we can find the big variety of flowers and animals (the fox, a gazelle, wild rams, etc.)