Sicily, the biggest island in Italy has the triangular form, it follows and the ancient name - Trinakria. The most part of island has a mountain relief with active volcanoes. Since prehistoric times Sicily was the object of the Greek colonization, then the Greek period was replaced Roman, strongly influenced on history and culture, a public life and economy of Sicily. Then the long period foreign empire has come. The island was occupied by Normans, shvabs, Savoy, the Austrians and at last Burbons, but during that moment when Garibaldi with "Thousand" has released island from authority Burbonov, the history of Sicily became an integral part of history of all island. Since then Sicily became a part of the United Kingdom of Italy. The most of incomes of Sicily falls at agriculture, here raise grapes, olives, citruses, vegetables and fruit, wheat. Last years the significant centers of the industry - extraction of sulfur, sea salt, asphalt and oil here have appeared. The most part of the population is borrowed with fishing, many fish is found in waters of Sicily a sword, a tuna, eel, sardines... Sicily, the big island with huge quantity of monuments of architecture, the most beautiful and interesting places of Italy, involves annually thousands of tourists from all over the world.