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It’s a capital of Crimea. The administrative and political center of Crimea, where are more than 400.000 inhabitants. It’s a traditional place of the meeting for visitors of Crimea. The railway and the modern airport connect the city with other wonderful cities of Ukraine and Europe. It has been constructed on ruins of the antique Tatar city of Ak - Mechet. With wonderful parks, theatres and museums. City with spacious roads along which the most beautiful buildings which seem in due course are located have not changed the charming architecture with the universities and the cultural centers of Crimea. Having passed through the river Salgir, get in a zoo where are a lot of various animals, the interesting historical center, a lot of shops. Not far from Charles Marx's central street the majestic building of the Supreme Soviet of Crimea rises with the huge square where a monument to Lenin is. There is a building of Rada (Parlament) of Crimea, on other part of the square; the big and beautiful park is located here. Not far there is square with trees and verdure where a monument - the Tank is, in memory of falling soldiers within the Second World War. The wonderful hotel Ukraine and central post-office is not far. Some minutes will take you to get on the central market which works every day till 16:00; Sunday till 13:00, also there is a market on the Kuibyshev square. Getting on street Mate Zalki you will find the big hotel Moscow and also one big market. Beside auto station, whence you can get by buses all directions of Crimea and Ukraine. Places visited by tourists, it is archeological excavations of ancient city Naples-Scythian, capital of the Scythian states.